Starting should not be a chore and should normally take less than 30 seconds (if the fuel is good and the engine is well serviced).
If you have a 2-stroke engine (most strimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws etc) you should follow the right starting technique. It is the same for nearly all small engines....
  1. Check you have fresh fuel in the tank ! (Premixed with the right oil for 2 stroke engines)
  2. Push the fuel primer bulb 5 or 6 times (if present)
  3. Put the choke on (if present) - regardless of temperature
  4. On some units, there is a throttle lock position that is applied to start the engine
  5. If it is a chainsaw, ensure the chain brake is ON
  6. Pull the cord a few times briskly until the engine pops (tries to start)
  7. Put the choke in the off position
  8. Pull the cord a few more times and the engine should start normally
  9. Give it a few seconds before revving or using it
For a 4 stroke engine (most lawnmowers, generators etc), the same technique can be followed. If you are finding it difficult to start the engine, it may time to have it serviced / repaired before it gets worse..

Good luck and happy gardening !

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