Mower with flames

Welcome to the website of The Small Engine guy, based in Weston, Newbury, UK.

Specialising in small engine & garden equipment service and repair.
Service and repair of most garden machinery, petrol, cordless or electric.

I charge nothing to look and give you an estimate.

My prices are very reasonable as I do realise that often 'new' can be seen as the cheaper option.
I want to change that and do my bit to avoid the throw away society we live in today.
Above all, you will get great service, free advice and be kept informed every step of the way.

Collection Service
I also offer equipment pickup and can come collect your equipment for service - subject to agreement first.
Finally, instead of you taking it to the tip, drop a mail with some details and I may offer to come and take it away for free.
I also may not :)


Oh yes, the website name...

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Don't bin it, let Daddy-Fix-It !