It is shocking - some people charge more to service a Lawn Mower than a car.
Don't worry .. The Small Engine Guy doesn't.

Servicing Offers

What do I service ?

I will service most small engined hand-held or walk-behind equipment. Please contact me to ask if not listed below.

What is included in a service ?

When I service a machine I include the following You'll note I say 'or replace' above. I don't replace unless needed. It saves you money and is often unnecessary.
For example Spark Plugs last many years, I clean and inspect for any damage and check spark is good, correct one is fitted with the correct gap.
Same for your air filter - if it is not too dirty, often a clean with an air compressor is all it takes.
A lot of shops 'replace by default' making profit on the price of the parts. Wasteful and unnecessary.

What is not included in a Service ?

In a word repairs.
For example if your machine is not running, it's unlikely a service will fix it.
Minor repairs are often done FOC with a service and I pride myself on returning you a machine running A1.
Faults and repairs are priced on a case by case basis, with estimates free, and you are fully informed before I do any work.

Free local equipment pickup & disposal

Instead of you taking it to the tip, drop a mail with some details and I may offer to come and take it away for free.
I also may not :)
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Don't bin it, let Daddy-Fix-It !