Oh dear.
You're here because it's broken.
I'm sorry to hear that.. so let's see what we can do
First, my goal is to keep it out of landfill.

I try do do just that by

Often I spend an in-ordinate amount of time fixing something, well beyond what I could charge.
For example recently I spent 5hrs repairing a lawnmower gearbox and charged £45.
My very happy customer had been given a quote from elsewhere of £100 for a new gearbox + £125 labour !

It is shocking - some people charge more to fix a Lawn Mower than a car.
Don't worry .. The Small Engine Guy doesn't.

Please contact me to discuss what is broken and I'll be happy to take a look.

Free local equipment pickup & disposal

Instead of you taking it to the tip, drop a mail with some details and I may offer to come and take it away for free.
I also may not :)
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Don't bin it, let Daddy-Fix-It !