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Daddy-fix-it is a network of like-minded people who put simply know how to do things and have time on their hands to do it.
You will find passionate people who are often experts in their craft and are happy to offer their skills to the rest of the world at a reasonable price.
In todays throw-away society, being able to stop things going into landfill is a pleasure.

At present the site is under construction - watch this space !

Small Engine Guy, Newbury


Well, first the name.. as anyone who has children knows, 'Daddy Fix It' is an often heard call.
I decided to turn it into a business.
If you're here, then you are privledged to witness the birth of this endeavour, and brand.


In my travels publicising this site, I came across a very nice man called Brian Quinn.
Brian runs the advertising on Penny Post, a really great local site.
In our conversation we were discussing the Repair Cafe movement.

Turns out Brian has written a song called 'The Good Repairer' (c)Brian Quinn.
I reproduce the lyrics below as they really do resonnate with the ethos of Daddy-Fix-It. Thank you Brian !

I am the good repairer, the friend of the abandoned things
Like the angel with one wing: I am the man
Who can hold the fragments in his hand
If you take the time to understand the whole of it
All will be well.

I am the good repairer, I set the small things right
The ball that does not bounce or the door that bangs at night
I am the man who has the tools today to mend
The broken things you cast away
On me you can depend.

Some breaks take time to heal
Some cracks are hard to seal
Spin it on the potter's wheel and pray
That the pain will go away...

I am the good repairer, I'm the healer of the damaged sole
The broken heel, I make it whole
Re-boot and re-begin: I am here
I make the nightmares disappear, 
Never fear I am the good repairer
All will be well.

Some ills are hard to tend
Some wounds take time to mend
I do not always comprehend why or how
The wheels turn sweetly now...
The Good Repairer, (C) Brian Quinn,